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New Update: Geodes, powerups changes and more

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  • geodes are given on ascension and have 5 levels of rarity
  • geodes can unlock different powerup effects and give schmepls, exp and powerup parts for duplicated powerup effects
  • geodes can only be opened in the lobby using the geodes crusher

Powerups changes:
  • a new type of powerup is added: Orb Powerup
  • orb powerup is activated every 20 seconds of active clicking (when you don't stop clicking for more than 5 seconds). They provide less clicking power compared to the pickaxe powerup, but charge faster and cost less to upgrade
  • powerup effects are now different not only cosmetically, but most of them now apply special perks when certain criteria are met

Full list of changes:
  • fixed super block booster calculation
  • fixed worker cost calculations
  • fixed occasional spleef errors
  • fixed missing parkour villagers by instead using pressure plates
  • fixed...

The new MineClick

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This is a major update that's been in the works for over a year and I'm happy to finally get it released.

New servers infrastructure (technical stuff)
A new servers management system was created that will now allow us to quickly and easily scale up as needed. It will also allow for easier monitoring and more streamlined updates. You can see the status of our servers here: https://ender.mineclick.net/

We've also migrated to a new database and for that to happen the entirety of the codebase was rewritten. Due to the complexity of the migration some of the players' data could not be migrated - the awarded achievements and the current islands/buildings. Everything else was migrated (gold, schmepls, workers, statistics, etc) so you can easily get back your achievements - plus an extra bonus if you've already had them unlocked before.

New web-store (Boosters are 50% off)

Lobby update

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The long-awaited lobby update it finally here! The new lobby now has a Spleef minigame and parkour courses (although they don't give any rewards just yet). Come check it out for yourself! We've also added more easter eggs and increased rewards for some of the more challenging achievements.
We also now have a subreddit: reddit.com/r/mineclick
Join our Discord: discord.gg/AXhUE5G

Bird view of the new lobby:

New Update - Santa brought some presents!

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Hey there!

The update is finally here and it's big! Without any further ado lets go over the major additions:
  • Every Dimension is free
  • Dimensions have ascend prerequisites
  • Dimension difficulty affect the ascend reward
  • Friends system
  • Able to visit friend's island
  • Leveling system
  • Extra vaults given every 5 levels
  • Player details on chat message hover and info menu
  • Player report system
  • Christmas lobby
  • Premium gadgets
  • Premium only Discord notifications
  • Community store goal (ultimate booster)

30% off Premium Membership is in store until January 1st, 2019: store.mineclick.net

Every Dimension is free
Every dimension is now free for anyone to play! However, there's an extra requirement for ascending...
New Dimension and more Achievements
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Hey there!

I'm delighted to announce the addition of a new Dimension and it is a sweet one! Besides that, we've doubled the number of achievements and added some changes to the game. Come check it out!

Early Bird sale is ending July 31 so be sure to get your Premium Membership at 50% off before it's too late!

All I can say is that the new Dimension is full of sugar, so watch out if you're on a diet! To recap, you can choose to spawn in a new Dimension when ascending. Some Dimensions are hard and some are easy. As before, the new Dimension is currently only available to Premium Members. Nether will soon be open for all.

There are now a lot more achievements for you to complete. Some of them are easy and some are extremely difficult and probably impossible. I'd be surprised if you complete them all!

  • New...
Store Changes
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Hey there!

As many of you know MinecraftMarket has been compromised and the owner of the platform decided to abruptly abandon the project in the effort to escape any responsibilities. This means that we have been urged to move to a better store processing platform and that is BuyCraft. As of right now everything has been setup and is fully compatible with the new system. The store look will be enhanced in the near future since right now it's just the default theme of BuyCraft. Apologies for any inconvenience that this event has caused.

You can visit the new store at the same address, store.mineclick.net. The 50% Early Bird sale is still going on!

See you around!
Another update - Parkour checkpoints!
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Hey there!
After a number of suggestions since the last update, I introduce you the new set of changes to the server:
  • Settings menu. You can now disable chat, change gold notation and hide boosters from scoreboard. More settings will be added later on.
  • Speaking of boosters, they now show up on the sidebar. You can also view the people who contributed using /boosters command. /thanks command coming soon!
  • In game shop doesn't have the "only available for 5 min after ascension" limit anymore. Items are now also much cheaper.
  • Ascend schmepls and EXP rewards recalculated! It is now easier to get more schmepls.
  • Parkour checkpoins! Simply start your way at the parkour and you'll see a Checkpoint Marker item in the hotbar. Place the checkpoints yourself and don't forget they are removed if you fall off. You only have 2 checkpoints (Premium Members have 4).
  • Town parkour has been added with a new reward ;)
  • Dimension difficulties are now shown in...
Major Update!
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Hey MineClickers,
We are proud to announce a major update to the server! Lobby, leaderboards, dimensions, vaults, daily rewards and much more!

:cool: We also have an Early Bird sale at our store! 50% off Premium Membership and Boosters! Click here to visit the store.

We now have a lobby! You can hang out with other players, check your rank on the leaderboards, ascend to a new dimension or collect your daily rewards chest! Find a teleporter pad at your nearest island.

There are now three Leaderboards in the lobby that track EXP, clicks and ascends. EXP (short for experience) is gained by simply playing the game: completing achievements, ascending and by joining the server every day. Your EXP never resets or expires.

A new dimension
When you are ready to ascend (500T gold made is required) you can now choose to spawn at a brand new dimension. Spoiler...


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