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  1. Jeff

    New Update: Geodes, powerups changes and more

    Geodes: geodes are given on ascension and have 5 levels of rarity geodes can unlock different powerup effects and give schmepls, exp and powerup parts for duplicated powerup effects geodes can only be opened in the lobby using the geodes crusher Powerups changes: a new type of powerup is...
  2. Jeff

    The new MineClick

    This is a major update that's been in the works for over a year and I'm happy to finally get it released. New servers infrastructure (technical stuff) A new servers management system was created that will now allow us to quickly and easily scale up as needed. It will also allow for easier...
  3. Jeff

    Lobby update

    The long-awaited lobby update it finally here! The new lobby now has a Spleef minigame and parkour courses (although they don't give any rewards just yet). Come check it out for yourself! We've also added more easter eggs and increased rewards for some of the more challenging achievements. We...
  4. Jeff

    New Update - Santa brought some presents!

    Hey there! The update is finally here and it's big! Without any further ado lets go over the major additions: 30% off Premium Membership is in store until January 1st, 2019: Every Dimension is free Every dimension is now free for anyone to play! However, there's an extra...
  5. Jeff

    New Dimension and more Achievements

    Hey there! I'm delighted to announce the addition of a new Dimension and it is a sweet one! Besides that, we've doubled the number of achievements and added some changes to the game. Come check it out! Early Bird sale is ending July 31 so be sure to get your Premium Membership at 50% off...
  6. Jeff

    Store Changes

    Hey there! As many of you know MinecraftMarket has been compromised and the owner of the platform decided to abruptly abandon the project in the effort to escape any responsibilities. This means that we have been urged to move to a better store processing platform and that is BuyCraft. As of...
  7. Jeff

    Another update - Parkour checkpoints!

    Hey there! After a number of suggestions since the last update, I introduce you the new set of changes to the server: Settings menu. You can now disable chat, change gold notation and hide boosters from scoreboard. More settings will be added later on. Speaking of boosters, they now show up on...
  8. Jeff

    Major Update!

    Hey MineClickers, We are proud to announce a major update to the server! Lobby, leaderboards, dimensions, vaults, daily rewards and much more! :cool: We also have an Early Bird sale at our store! 50% off Premium Membership and Boosters! Click here to visit the store. Lobby We now have a lobby...
  9. Jeff

    Leaderboards sneak peak

    Just wanted to post a sneak peek of the upcoming leaderboards system. This is one of three upcoming boards ;) @Mento Wow! Over a million clicks o_O
  10. Jeff

    Server Changelog

    MineClick Official Changelog For all the tweaks and fixes Go to the last message for the latest changes
  11. Jeff

    Report formal

    Player Report Format Reports with no evidence will most likely be ignored.
  12. Jeff

    Report format

    Bug Report Format There's never too much information, feel free to post as much as you want. Every little bit helps make the server better!
  13. Jeff


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