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  1. Jeff

    Youtube Rank

    Welcome, happy to have you here! We used to offer YouTube ranks for any number of subscribers as long as you create any videos playing on MineClick, however those terms were never honored so the rank was removed. It might be brought back at some point, but as of now there's now plan for...
  2. Jeff


    Thank you, I'm happy to hear you like it :D As for leaderboards, to keep the game non-competitive it was decided that the leaderboard would have to be removed.
  3. Jeff

    ./is and ./l

    Good suggesting
  4. Jeff


    Unfortunately leaderboards have been removed from MineClick and there's no plan to bring them back at this time. Leaderboards were instead replaced with the personal statistics board which you can find in the lobby.
  5. Jeff

    New Update: Geodes, powerups changes and more

    Geodes: geodes are given on ascension and have 5 levels of rarity geodes can unlock different powerup effects and give schmepls, exp and powerup parts for duplicated powerup effects geodes can only be opened in the lobby using the geodes crusher Powerups changes: a new type of powerup is...
  6. Jeff

    The new MineClick

    This is a major update that's been in the works for over a year and I'm happy to finally get it released. New servers infrastructure (technical stuff) A new servers management system was created that will now allow us to quickly and easily scale up as needed. It will also allow for easier...
  7. Jeff


    Banned. Thank you for reporting!
  8. Jeff

    Can you play on mobile?

    Unfortunately not
  9. Jeff


    It resets your gold, islands and workers, and you receive schmepls and EXP. You also have the choice to ascend to other dimensions after completing some requirements. If you want more info, join our discord server, no one is really using the forums anymore.
  10. Jeff

    Handled odawg3 & HoosierTransfer

    Thank you! Handled both cases.
  11. Jeff

    Handled Minecraft_Mark autoclicking

    The player has been warned
  12. Jeff

    Handled zrsr

  13. Jeff

    Barrier block under spleef

    Thanks, I've created a ticket for it
  14. Jeff

    Can't click to buy villager upgrades

    Hi Defracto_47, thanks for reporting it anyways. I'm going to close this, but I'll check the logs in case there was a one-time kind of error that prevented you from collecting the reward.
  15. Jeff

    Scientific notation

    Go to Profile & Shop Menu, Settings (top right corner), Numeric notation.
  16. Jeff

    Handled Roadmaster34 & Dzonson

    Thank you! Will ensure they get punished.
  17. Jeff

    Handled GabeP77

    Thank you. They have been banned.
  18. Jeff

    I'm in creative can you put me back in survival

    That could be a 1.14 issue. I'll try to figure it out. But once again, what does rejoining the server do? And what happens when you go back to your island?
  19. Jeff

    I'm in creative can you put me back in survival

    Interesting. Do you use any mods? What version of MC did you connect with? Does rejoining fix the problem? Are you still in creative when you go back to your island?
  20. Jeff

    Lobby update

    The long-awaited lobby update it finally here! The new lobby now has a Spleef minigame and parkour courses (although they don't give any rewards just yet). Come check it out for yourself! We've also added more easter eggs and increased rewards for some of the more challenging achievements. We...