Another update - Parkour checkpoints!


Staff member
Hey there!
After a number of suggestions since the last update, I introduce you the new set of changes to the server:
  • Settings menu. You can now disable chat, change gold notation and hide boosters from scoreboard. More settings will be added later on.
  • Speaking of boosters, they now show up on the sidebar. You can also view the people who contributed using /boosters command. /thanks command coming soon!
  • In game shop doesn't have the "only available for 5 min after ascension" limit anymore. Items are now also much cheaper.
  • Ascend schmepls and EXP rewards recalculated! It is now easier to get more schmepls.
  • Parkour checkpoins! Simply start your way at the parkour and you'll see a Checkpoint Marker item in the hotbar. Place the checkpoints yourself and don't forget they are removed if you fall off. You only have 2 checkpoints (Premium Members have 4).
  • Town parkour has been added with a new reward ;)
  • Dimension difficulties are now shown in ascension menu.
  • Mining chests with right click is no longer possible
  • Fix a bug when going to island from the lobby using Upgrades Menu
  • Many more small bugs and minor tweakings
See you around!