New Dimension and more Achievements


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Hey there!

I'm delighted to announce the addition of a new Dimension and it is a sweet one! Besides that, we've doubled the number of achievements and added some changes to the game. Come check it out!

Early Bird sale is ending July 31 so be sure to get your Premium Membership at 50% off before it's too late!

All I can say is that the new Dimension is full of sugar, so watch out if you're on a diet! To recap, you can choose to spawn in a new Dimension when ascending. Some Dimensions are hard and some are easy. As before, the new Dimension is currently only available to Premium Members. Nether will soon be open for all.

There are now a lot more achievements for you to complete. Some of them are easy and some are extremely difficult and probably impossible. I'd be surprised if you complete them all!

  • New Dimension: Sweetland
  • Added more achievements
  • Added parkour to Nether
  • Added ability to hard-reset your account
  • Daily rewards now reset in 23 hours instead of 24
  • Added achievement progress
  • Upgrades menu shows percentage that a worker makes out of the total income
  • Fixed white names in tab and above the heads
  • Fixed missing players in tab
  • Added Easter eggs

See you around!