New Update: Geodes, powerups changes and more


Staff member

  • geodes are given on ascension and have 5 levels of rarity
  • geodes can unlock different powerup effects and give schmepls, exp and powerup parts for duplicated powerup effects
  • geodes can only be opened in the lobby using the geodes crusher

Powerups changes:
  • a new type of powerup is added: Orb Powerup
  • orb powerup is activated every 20 seconds of active clicking (when you don't stop clicking for more than 5 seconds). They provide less clicking power compared to the pickaxe powerup, but charge faster and cost less to upgrade
  • powerup effects are now different not only cosmetically, but most of them now apply special perks when certain criteria are met

Full list of changes:
  • fixed super block booster calculation
  • fixed worker cost calculations
  • fixed occasional spleef errors
  • fixed missing parkour villagers by instead using pressure plates
  • fixed Cookie III skill calculations
  • fixed a number of other bugs and glitches
  • added geodes
  • added orb powerups
  • changed the way powerups work
  • added parkour timer and personal high-score
  • added "last online" info when viewing your friend's profile
  • added /thanks command
  • improved sidebar scoreboard which should eliminate flickering
  • golden bat rewards that drop into void are now automatically given to the player
  • 30% chance of getting 1 to 2 geodes from treasure maps
  • 5% chance of getting 1 geode from a golden bat
  • premium membership changes:
    • daily rewards chest additionally gives 5 random geodes
    • there are no longer any premium only powerups
    • x2 more geodes from ascension