New Update - Santa brought some presents!


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Hey there!

The update is finally here and it's big! Without any further ado lets go over the major additions:
  • Every Dimension is free
  • Dimensions have ascend prerequisites
  • Dimension difficulty affect the ascend reward
  • Friends system
  • Able to visit friend's island
  • Leveling system
  • Extra vaults given every 5 levels
  • Player details on chat message hover and info menu
  • Player report system
  • Christmas lobby
  • Premium gadgets
  • Premium only Discord notifications
  • Community store goal (ultimate booster)

30% off Premium Membership is in store until January 1st, 2019:

Every Dimension is free
Every dimension is now free for anyone to play! However, there's an extra requirement for ascending to a new dimension:
Also, depending on the difficulty, some dimensions give more ascend rewards (and some give less).

Add friends using the /friends add command. You can view your friends through the friends menu located in the Profile & Shop menu. Clicking on a friend in the friends menu will bring up the player's info menu (see below). You can now visit your friends' islands and see how they are doing. Any mining you do on the friend's island will give them gold that is equivalent to their own Pickaxe income. You also get your own gold from mining on their island.

Hover chat and player's info menu
Hover over a chat message and you'll be able to see the basic info of the person who sent the message.
Click on the message and you'll open the player's info menu. This menu has the following options:
  • Message: Quickly send a private message to the player
  • Friends: Send or accept a friends request. You can also quickly remove the player from your friends list.
  • Visit island: Visit your friend's island and see how they are doing.
  • Report: Report the player for any inappropriate behavior. The report will be automatically sent to staff. Don't worry if no staff is online, all the reports are sent through an external system. Reports are sent unnoticed to any player other than staff.

Leveling system and offline vaults
You are now able to level up in game from EXP. Your level is displayed on chat hover and in your player's info menu.
Offline vaults are no longer available through the web store. The only way to get vaults is to increase your level. Every 5 levels you get an extra offline vault. You will keep any previously purchased vaults from the store and the extra vaults will add up to your purchased vaults.

Christmas lobby and Premium gadgets
The Christmas spirit has finally arrived to our lobby. However, there's more than just a map update...
Gadgets! We've added 7 cosmetic gadgets that can be activated in the lobby by a Premium Member. More Premium and free gadgets will be added in the future.


Discord linker - Premium only
Premium Members are now able to link their Discord account with MineClick to be added to a Premium only channel and receive game notifications when not on the server:
  • Booster activated: Get a Discord notification when a new booster is activated
  • Vaults fill-up: Get notified when your offline vaults are full
  • Friends join: Get notified when a friend joins the game
  • Daily rewards: Get notified when your daily rewards chest is refiled
Find the Discord settings under the settings sub-menu in Profile & Shop.
All of the notifications are off by default and you can select which ones you wish to receive. You can also choose to receive notifications when you are AFK.

Web store changes and the Ultimate Booster
The 30% off Premium Membership is in store until January 1st, 2019. Grab one for yourself before it's too late!

When $50 in Booster sales is reached the Ultimate Booster is activated:
  • Activates every normal booster
  • Every contributor gets one of every booster for free
Premium Membership now has the following perks:
  • [❤︎] Chat prefix
  • Lobby gadgets
  • Ability to fly in Lobby
  • Discord Linker (receive custom game notifications in Discord)
  • Access to a Premium only Discord channel
  • Server join announcement (can be disabled)
  • 50% off Boosters!
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