The new MineClick


Staff member

This is a major update that's been in the works for over a year and I'm happy to finally get it released.

New servers infrastructure (technical stuff)
A new servers management system was created that will now allow us to quickly and easily scale up as needed. It will also allow for easier monitoring and more streamlined updates. You can see the status of our servers here:

We've also migrated to a new database and for that to happen the entirety of the codebase was rewritten. Due to the complexity of the migration some of the players' data could not be migrated - the awarded achievements and the current islands/buildings. Everything else was migrated (gold, schmepls, workers, statistics, etc) so you can easily get back your achievements - plus an extra bonus if you've already had them unlocked before.

New web-store (Boosters are 50% off)
We've decided to move away from any third party web store solutions and create our own from scratch:
Be sure to check it out - we've got Boosters at 50% off for a little while! Since it's the first release of the store let us know in Discord or send us a support email if you find any issues.

Game content changes and additions
- Balancing. Pretty much everything was rebalanced in the game - dimensions, achievements, prices, awards, upgrades, etc. It's still not perfect so let us know what you think.
- Skills tree. You can now spend your schmepls on permanent upgrades to your game progression as well as unlock new features. Find your skills tree in the main menu.
- Pickaxe powerups. Collect powerup parts and boost your clicking income - unlocked after ascending.
- Golden bats, worker cookies, wandering trader and a bunch more new features and changes! Join the game and find out for yourself!

I'm looking forward to see you in the game and hear your feedback in Discord!