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  1. Jeff

    New Update - Santa brought some presents!

    Hey there! The update is finally here and it's big! Without any further ado lets go over the major additions: 30% off Premium Membership is in store until January 1st, 2019: store.mineclick.net Every Dimension is free Every dimension is now free for anyone to play! However, there's an extra...
  2. Jeff

    Handled Vsevolod_Storm & I_Lonley_Oreo

    Thank you! Taken care of
  3. Jeff

    Handled Day4Rave

    Taken care of.
  4. Jeff

    Handled Advertising

    Thank you! Will take care of this
  5. Jeff

    Suggestions Discord Channel

  6. Jeff

    Expand, Become bigger, advertise but also have more to offer

    This server was intended to be a single gamemode. Since I'm currently the only developer, I simply do not have enough time to put into the server. There are ideas that I'm working on to bring more gameplay opportunities (especially coop), but unfortunately it will all take a lot of time to...
  7. Jeff

    Vaults removed from shop?

    Changes are coming to the store, stay tuned
  8. Jeff

    mods that don t affect minecraft

    Are you asking what mods are allowed?
  9. Jeff

    mods that don t affect minecraft

    Can you clarify what you mean by this?
  10. Jeff

    what does voting do

    Every vote gives you schmepls. Make sure you type in your username correctly.
  11. Jeff

    chest crash

    1.13 is not quite supported yet, I recommend connecting with 1.12 for the smoothest gameplay.
  12. Jeff

    auto clicker ?

    That... that's actually a good idea for something else that I'm working on...
  13. Jeff

    Caps filter is a bit too aggressive

    Good point. Will have this fixed in the following update
  14. Jeff

    The Achievement 'Reach #1 On The EXP Leaderboard'

    It will take some time to get it out due to the volume of content that is planned for it. I will probably split it up tho, but still can't really tell how long it'll take. Hopefully less than a month
  15. Jeff

    The Achievement 'Reach #1 On The EXP Leaderboard'

    I was blackmailed If I remember correctly @SpeedRIder suggested that it should include top 3 or 5 players on the leaderboard, but I made the decision to make it the number 1 only. This won't be removed. However, in the next update we'll have periodic leaderboards which will make this achievement...
  16. Jeff

    Implemented Some Suggestions

    I like the premium member's channel. However, the suggestions are easier managed when posted on the forums.
  17. Jeff

    New Dimension and more Achievements

    Hey there! I'm delighted to announce the addition of a new Dimension and it is a sweet one! Besides that, we've doubled the number of achievements and added some changes to the game. Come check it out! Early Bird sale is ending July 31 so be sure to get your Premium Membership at 50% off...
  18. Jeff

    Ban appeals

    You were using an autoclicker. I'll remove the ban, but take it as a warning ;)
  19. Jeff

    Bunch of suggestions

    Huh weirdly enough just recently I've started on adding more achievements in. This is quite a good number of interesting ideas, I sure will use a few of them!
  20. Jeff

    Store Changes

    Hey there! As many of you know MinecraftMarket has been compromised and the owner of the platform decided to abruptly abandon the project in the effort to escape any responsibilities. This means that we have been urged to move to a better store processing platform and that is BuyCraft. As of...