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Can't click to buy villager upgrades

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Hey, I just started playing yesterday and everything was working fine until I got to around 10T Gold, after that I managed to claim the first four parkour rewards, as soon as I tried to click the villager on the fifth course, nothing would happen and had to use a different computer to actually go ahead and claim it. I'm not sure If I can provide evidence for this so if there's a time that a staff member could come and check then that would be great (I'd be very grateful). EDIT: I'm resetting to see if that works, if not then so be it. EDIT 2: Resetting didn't help. EDIT 3: Sorry for the inconvenience, right-clicking seems to work, sorry if I wasted your time.
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Hi Defracto_47, thanks for reporting it anyways. I'm going to close this, but I'll check the logs in case there was a one-time kind of error that prevented you from collecting the reward.
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