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Expand, Become bigger, advertise but also have more to offer

im fairly new to ur server, and the parkour suxks, not that its bad, but i hate parkour cuz im bad at it, and someone brought up, just buy membership and u can fly up to the end, now it was tempting, but whats stopping me is not only do i only have money on an amazon account, but theres not a whole lot that ur server has to offer me, for the "donation", not that ur server is boring, i just... theres not much there to keep me engaged for as long as some of the other people that play, and so this is where the idea/suggestion comes, i think the game u have there and now, while it seems incomplete, and lacking content, that it has room to grow, but as population is low, maybe the lack of funds to keep the server and other developments going is a possible problem? maybe not idk, but still i think it would be cool or even beneficial for you to just become a server of ur own, and i mean it is already a server yes, but like become a server that has other game options as well, like other servers how they have factions, skyblock, survival, skygrid, creative, etc. (just to be more engaging and interesting, instead of coming on once or twice for 5-10 minutes then leaving), do something like that, have various ranks with different perks, of course this will require more help, to manage, but i think it would help u grow as a community and possibly bring in some new life to the currently quiet slow server you have now. and it wuold give more things than just the one game mode you have. i have no idea how to set any of this stuff up, im just here with an idea to possibly liven up a seemingly slowly dying server. nor do i believe it will be easy to get lots of people to find ur server and suddenly become popular or bustling with people overnight, im sure itll take time maybe a very long time, but who knows, wouldnt it be nice to have more things to play on ur server than just the one single gamemode? it would be easier for people to donate for something that they might not get bored of within a day or two.


Staff member
This server was intended to be a single gamemode. Since I'm currently the only developer, I simply do not have enough time to put into the server. There are ideas that I'm working on to bring more gameplay opportunities (especially coop), but unfortunately it will all take a lot of time to complete. The only thing I can say is stay tuned, the updates are coming