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Just wondering


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oh so you mean like 40trillion 40T
it seems like he has used the first letter and if needed the last letter as well.
thousand K
million M
billion B
trillion T
Quadrillion Q
Quintilian Qn - i have gotten up to here
i have not gotten so i'm guessing after this point.
Sextillion S
Septillion Sn or Sp
Octillion O
Nonillion N
i doubts any one can get this high yet unless new update or you have maxed ever thing out.
witch would tack some time lol
use that site
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  • K: Thousand (E+3)
  • M: Million (E+6)
  • B: Billion (E+9)
  • T: Trillion (E+12)
  • Q: Quadrillion (E+15)
  • Qn: Quintillion (E+18)
  • S: Sextillion (E+21)
  • Sp: Septillion (E+24)