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The Achievement 'Reach #1 On The EXP Leaderboard'

This is the worst idea ever. Only one person can unlock it at a time and I'm almost positive it isn't possible if SpeedRlder keeps playing which, lets be honest, hes addicted and won't stop anytime soon.
I got into a conversation with about 8 other people on the server and for a solid 5-10 minutes we vented about the achievement and someone made a joke that SpeedRlder probably implimented it.
I later asked him if he did and, indeed, he requested for it to be added and for some reason (I assume Jeff was drunk, tried, or blackmailed) it was added
I think you should replace it with a tiered achievement where its like
Reach 500 EXP
Reach 1000 EXP
Reach 2500 EXP
And you get more schemepls and exp with unlocking
Please vote for it to be removed by following the link in my signiture


Staff member
I was blackmailed If I remember correctly @SpeedRIder suggested that it should include top 3 or 5 players on the leaderboard, but I made the decision to make it the number 1 only. This won't be removed. However, in the next update we'll have periodic leaderboards which will make this achievement a lot easier to complete ;)