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Worker 1.13 Glitch

Your in-game name?
What is the issue?
When Jeff asks you to buy your first worker he gives you 500$ and then you get disconnected.. when you rejoin it registers you as a new player but you keep the 500$ and you can do it again. Thus you are about to use this to get 500$ in a matter of 30 seconds. (This glitch only works in 1.13; I rejoined on 1.12.2 and it worked fine)
How often does it happen?
- As far as I can tell the glich happens every single time you log on to the server.. I did it around 4-5 times before deciding to change my version to try and be able to advance easier. (It worked when I changed versions)
How would you reproduce it?
- I'd play on a alt account (If you don't have one to use to see the glich I can provide a alt account to use.. this would probably be done over discord screen-share though because I don't want to give out the credentials)
Do you have any evidence of the issue (pictures, videos)?
- Not currently (If this glitch isn't easy to reproduce or you don't want to screen-share via my alt or use a different alt by tommorow, I will record some evidence)